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Enjoy decadent fare in a beautiful Victorian setting that's just minutes from Morgantown and Reading. You'll love the atmosphere in our 1827 building that's full of history, and you'll be treated to outstanding food and exceptional service from our experienced team. Contact us at 610-856-7887.
History of Emily's

History of Emily's

The town of Beckersville, where Emily’s is located, was named for Joseph Becker, a German. Becker built and ran a hotel here and his efforts influenced the establishment of a post office at the hotel in February 1852. Before his arrival however, records indicate that Benjamin Dickinson was in business at the hotel dating back to at least 1827. Following Becker around 1876 was the J.R. Seifert Hotel and Post Office from 1876 to 1904.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, John Mountz ran the Beckersville Hotel. Residents recall his superb white mules tracking through the deep snow to open the roads for traffic. It was around this time that fairs were held in the rear of the hotel. These included dancing and raffles and chances for all types of items. There were also cattle sales held several times a year to give the locals a chance to purchase calves to raise on their farms.
Mountz was followed by Lincoln Read and several others until 1910 when Joseph Richards of Chester county loaded all of his possessions into wagons and two wheeled cars and in a colorful procession the ox-drawn wagons relocated the Richards family to Beckersville. He bought and ran the hotel, which included a general store. The hotel was turned over to his son, George, who ran it until 1964. In that year, Martha Binder purchased the property and changed the name to Martha’s Vineyard. So it remained until 1977 when Charles Orlando purchased the property and established a fine dining restaurant. Redecorating the hotel to one of its original purposes, he named it The Post Office Inn. In 1997, Steve and Nancy Mooney took over the building and renamed it Emily’s Pub in honor of the ghost that some claim resides in the building. In late 2005, the building was purchased by Carl and Patricia DeGrazia and renamed it Emily’s and continued the tradition of fine dining in a casual country setting.      
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